Ambition, fear and action

Here are the presentations on the different rulers:

Alex II AC

Alexander III OW

Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov

Joseph Stalin JK

Nicholas II NB

young stalinWho’s your favourite leader?

Time to get personal and pick one! Using your notes from the presentations, can you make a decision based on the ‘surface’ knowledge and understanding that you have as to which of the leaders was the most effective? Post you answer in the comments section of this post – remember to justify with explanation and possible comparison to other leaders.

I’ve attached a digital copy of the ‘who’s who’ of key individuals – remember, first and best completed ‘dating’ profiles for our candidates wins a prize!!!!!

Lesson resources:

summary diagram

who’s who russian govt



  1. The best Russian ruler was Joseph Starlin because he so contra virtual leader because he is seen as both a national hero and a cold-blooded murderer. This is because he placed all opposition and political and smart people into concentration camps. However, he tried to protect Russia from invasions before the Second World War with the Nazis-Soviet pact. This stopped Germany from invading Russia and agreed that they would help invade and share Poland.


  2. The best Russian leader has to be Lenin, no other man could capture the hearts of a nation whilst openly manipulating the state to fulfil his vision. He was also able to unite a fractured empire into the direct opposition to western society, he was sewing the seeds of a way of life that did not require the same wasteful and decedant ways that capitlaism needed to survive.What’s even more beautiful is he was able to provide a strong and stable leadership without having to ‘build a wall’ or even confess that he has done much worse than running through a field
    Of wheat…. and everyone can agree there aren’t many names that are cooler than Ulyanov.


  3. Undoubtably the best Russian leader was the tsar known as Alexander the third. Alexanders beginning policies contained the manhunt and execution of those of whom betrayed his father, showing that he was planning a strict totalitarian regime of which he will dominate. This struck fear into his competitors therefore securing his position of power. Alexander also withdrew many of the reforms imposed by his father to make Russian great again.


  4. The best was Alexander II as he liberated the serfs and actually gave freedom to the people. Which resulted in his death. But YOLO


  5. I believe that Lenin was the best leader as he got so much done so soon after he returned, including overthrow the government and lead. Even though Alex II did bring in the best and most well known reformist policies on anti serfdom and the like, it took him many years to bring into force, and Lenin was more oppressive which caused him not to have quite so much opposition while he was in power, which makes Lenin by far the best Russian leader of the 6 we cover in the course.


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